compelling creativity

We hardly need studies to appreciate how much time internet users are now spending on social networking and messaging platforms.

You could easily be forgiven for thinking there is plenty of time to get through to them. Well, it doesn’t work like that – according to research, you have as little as one second to get a user’s attention on a mobile device.

If your material doesn’t compel them to stop and show some interest, it’s game over.

The implications to the research findings suggest that although brands have been trained to develop 15/30 second creative and media strategies, or even 06/07 second strategies, marketers should now develop plans and strategies that address the first one second. This report from the MMA urges brands to develop a clear “first second” strategy to leverage this critical point of consumer cognition.
mma research (2019)

essential for success

With a huge shift of media from print to digital we get to experience advertising every time we open a browser or pick up a tablet.

And this part has always been the same, be that digital or analogue. Creativity which cuts through the constant barrage of messages and stories is essential for success.

It’s been proven time and time again that getting attention amid advertising “noise” is to be compelling and memorable. And the route to being compelling is through creativity. Creating media that gets and maintains attention.

about artificial intelligence

In fact, one could argue that the dawning of Artificial Intelligence makes creativity even more important and for sure computers have no concept of imagination or creativity and are only capable of reconfiguring content that already exists.

Examples of effective branding advertising and design which is imaginative and compelling follow soon..